I’m Mandy Beverley. A former registered nurse. A certified facilitator of human behaviour and potential. A mother. Totally addicted to thinking big, bold and beautiful. I have spent thousands of hours with hundreds of clients helping them dissolve the blocks in the way of them stepping into the potential and possibilities that exist for them. 

We take a direct approach to transformation and moving forward. Sometimes it's subtle and sometimes it's not. We find it's always profound. We firmly believe that:

  • There is nothing but love in the Universe but is doesn't always come dressed up as a knight on a white horse.
  • Stop expecting everything to be 100% positive. It never will be. Ever! This is no cosmic joke, it’s Universal law.
  • Stop subordinating to the got to’s, the should do’s, and the have to’s. That’s telling you you’re not aligned to your true self.
  • More moments of gratitude, inspiration and appreciation are essential.
  • Being you means owning your greatness as well as your smallness.
  • Certainty that everything serves you (including the tough times) will have you appreciating and looking at life in a whole new way.
  • Human behaviour influences human potential every time.

Through my flagship programme I give high achievers and big thinkers practical, transformational, actionable and inspired guidance that elevates their perceptions and way of being in the world.

The Remarkable Group Manifesto can be viewed by clicking here

Mandy Beverley



Mandy Beverley is the  Founder and CEO of The Remarkable Group and the blog The Remarkable Women's Guide and Remarkable Women Radio Show hosted on planetfm every Tuesday at 3.15pm. Mandy is also a Mindset coach in the national Venus Business Women's Academy programme. 

Mandy has been fascinated for years about what makes people do or not do what they would love in life. She helps her clients build a bigger paradigm, transform their thinking and awaken to their potential, gaining a remarkable advantage in life. This flows to all areas of life bringing clarity & certainty to seemingly big problems.

The Remarkable Group’s mission is to connect people to their own lightness. The things that light up their lives, their energy and their results contribute to people feeling more balanced and creative. She loves to help her clients own their greatness because they are already so good at owning their smallness. Check out the blog: The Remarkable Women’s Guide,  to assist women to de-stress and anti-age by prioritizing themselves and their dreams.

Mandy lives in New Zealand and loves the scenery and wines of Central Otago. Her daughters are beginning to travel the world. She is an avid supporter of her husband’s job and hobby of flying. In fact she thinks life's a little like flying.

"You want to look in the direction you want the plane to go and you will be fine". If not, your whole system ( a little imagination needed here!) can easily be disrupted.




As  host and founder of Remarkable Women Radio, Mandy talks with women in business. This is a show for women, by women, about women. We know life can be distracting and stressful at times and this show gives inspiration and strategies even in the toughest of times. Every week on Tuesday at 3.15pm on 104.6FM, Mandy talks to her guests about being a catalyst, a visionary and also an influencer in their niche. For more details and to catch the latest episodes click here:

She is also available for interviews/talks on the following topics:

Mindset - This underpins everything we do. If you want to make changes start here first.

Communication - How to enhance communication with those you love: Decrease conflict and stress in your life, your workplace or your business. Achieving more with less stress.

Inspiration - How to keep yourself, your staff/team/inspired; An inspired workforce ignites your company and your profits.

Mindfulness -  Techniques to help you prosper in today’s busy and distracted world.

Aging with grace - Inner beauty series. Changing perceptions to create your own Mind-Spa 

Relationships - Understanding and transitioning relationship stresses, strains and breakups. 

Universal perspectives for every day problems. Bring order to chaotic thoughts. How to feel balanced in an unbalanced world.