The Art & Science of Being You

The Art & Science of Being You

Friday July 19th 2019

8.30am - 5.30 pm

Are you over being stuck and overwhelmed? Are you ready to unlock your potential?

Your life holds A Remarkable Story you have yet to tell. This one-day, advanced workshop empowers you to discover the exact steps to break through the internal and external barriers that are holding you back and keeping you stuck. It’s time to raise your game and be the leader in your life. It’s time to learn how to transform any obstacle in your way.

Become unstoppable, transformative, and inspiring in the face of any challenge with the knowledge you will learn at this workshop.

As human beings we are so good at owning our smallness. We are experts at criticising and undermining ourselves. It’s time to own your greatness by seeing things from a different perspective.

You instinctively know that your past in uences your future. If the results you have are not what you want, it’stime to tell a different story.

Dissolve the past and allow your future to unfold. Most people are living outside of Universal Law. In this workshop, I will introduce you to some concepts that will change the way you look at life. Forever.

Location: East Side Studio, 3/532 Parnell Road, Auckland
For more information: or +64 21 875 131

February Workshops

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Bookings are essential


Join us for the first ever WEEKEND RETREAT with L'aura Healing In Auckland, NZ.

Sat 23rd Feb | 9am - 5pm
Sun 24th Feb | 9am - 3pm

We help you…
RECONNECT to your true self.
UNBLOCK stuck energy.
REBALANCE so the changes continue to flow after the weekend.

Laura: Certified Traditional Hatha Yoga Teacher. Actress.
Jimmy: Pure Energy Healer.
Mandy: Mindset and Personal strategist, Certified Demartini Method Facilitator.

For all ages, genders, professions.

$300 (split payments possible). Lunch, snacks, drinks provided.

If this calls you, jump on in!
Contact for questions & bookings:

Please pass this on to anyone that pops into your mind. Thank you!

Accessing the greatest forces in the Universe.


I believe that the three greatest forces in the world are gratitude, inspiration, and appreciation.

 Why they're so important is because they align us to our higher mind. They align us to our reason for being here, and they  align us to a pathway in the world that we can only access when we get above the energy of resistance and inertia that can sometimes accompany our big goals once the initial excitement has worn off.  The part of us that wants to have support without challenge is what I call the lower mind. The lower minded part of us only wants positive things to happen.  Which means it’s focused on having  peace and pleasure, and it wants to have everything positive the whole time, totally negating our negative side as unimportant.

Which is a little unfortunate really because when we operate from the lower minded part of us all the time, we actually go against universal law. Universal law states you can't have a positive without a negative. You can't have challenge without support. So if you've been concentrating really hard on being positive the whole time and then suddenly you experience negativity and you wonder why all this bad “stuff “ happens to you it’s literally because it has to – it’s law. But there are strategies to help you turn this knowledge to your advantange. Thank goodness right?

Being able to go above what the lower mind wants, which is pleasure without pain and peace without war, is key because you deserve to have more than a one sided life. If you can transcend that paradigm you will  access the appreciation,  gratitude and inspiration that exists in every moment for you, even in challenging times. You become more masterful in your ability to transcend the challenges and pain in your life. Just as you know you can't have a positive without a negative, it also means you can't have a negative without a positive. It works both ways. The more you try and think of only having a one sided life that’s all positive the more we ignore the other side. When the ‘proverbial’ hits the fan, we then have to face our deepest fears and beliefs, our comfort zone gets a nudge and that’s when we begin to learn and grow as a person and that’s when we have the opportunity to create more meaning and fulfilment in our lives.

 If last year was challenging for you at any time, pick a moment that was most challenging and ask how did that serve you? What have you gone on and done as a result of that event? What decisions did you make, what people did you no longer associate with? All of these things really can help us to see why the challenges occur. If you've got a problem with the boss at work, or your partner and you are taking it very personally and find yourself asking quite limiting questions e.g. - why are they doing this to me? That’s your lower-minded part going why aren’t they being nice to me. If you can look back and see every time that you got embarrassed or humiliated, or told you weren't good enough, you actually ended up digging deeper, you found a different level to engage with the world, but most of all you found what it is that you weren't doing for you. Because every time we have a moment like that we actually know exactly what we want to do. It becomes crystal clear in those frustrating times. You're trying to please somebody (or everybody) all the time. That becomes impossible. You have had enough because they don’t appreciate you doing that. Suddenly you begin to stand up for yourself. You make decisions and changes to focus on you and somehow you become the most important person in your life once again. The frustration has lead you back to prioritising yourself. So, there's a lot of information that sits in these painful moments, so make sure that you become aware of this so you don’t waste them.

Become tuned into the transcendent mind because it is a powerful part of you that can see both positive and negative simultaneously and synchronistically - which means it’s always aware of the balance in every moment.. When you do that you'll be calmer, you'll be a lot more transformative, and you'll also be more productive, having less of the why me and the pity parties that can leave us emotionally exhausted.

If you know there are benefits to the challenges you begin to actually look forward to the challenges. You look forward to asking what can I create? What can I plan? What can I do in  2019? When you ask those questions you begin to anticipate obstacles because you know they will be there. Imagine asking - I want to achieve XYZ in 2019, what are the obstacles that will come up? What things can I put in place to lessen their impact, what is my strategy if we encounter them? You already have the strategy if you run up against them, so the things you fear don’t hold you there. You will have less of the “oh my God, why is this is happening, why me” scenario. In other words you are beginning to master your mindset.

 So, that's a little lesson on step one of accessing more gratitude, inspiration, appreciation. It's actually knowing the difference between our lower minded part of ourselves, that only wants a positive without a negative. Most people are wondering why the power of positive thinking isn't always working for them. Know that in order to access this higher minded state you need to be able to have strategies that get you there and that means seeing the benefits to the negative experiences in our lives.

As you plan your goals (and we have all watched the first month of 2019 whizz by) just know that obstacles and challenges and things to take us off course are going to come up for us. It won’t be all roses….so anticipate it. You will be more creative and resilient when you do. You will be playing with the universe instead of against it.

If you want improved relationships,  confidence around your next steps, and clarity on mindset shifts to create the results you want - call us, we’d love to talk. Book your complimentary 30 minute discovery call here: 

©Mandy Beverley 2019

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August Workshops

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Coming up next month we once again have the new and improved MINDSPA on the 4th August and also the ART & SCIENCE OF BEING YOU on the 5th August. 

The MINDSPA is what I call a light skip across some very deep concepts. What it's really about is revitalising our minds to access more of our inner beauty and inner wisdom. 

We are all familiar with the terms associated with going to the spa..but how many of us actually relate this to our minds directly. Exfoliating and repairing and renewing our minds can be just as beneficial as our skin.  I know that our beliefs and perceptions will age us way faster than any outside influence. We are that powerful. 

Give yourself a day to come along and find out how the Mindspa is an essential component to your well being. 

To find out more either contact me at or go directly to book your tickets here: MINDSPA

We are running these workshops one after the other so you can make yourself a real priority this weekend. Spend one day on you and then one day on your relationships.

The ART & SCIENCE OF BEING YOU  is teaching you the science of transformation that you can apply to any challenge that you may have. This is an incredibly interesting course that delves deeper into the energy of the universe, and perhaps more importantly teaches you how to apply this knowledge to a current situation in your everyday life, and ultimately to the relationships that you would love. 

Give yourself a day to clear some baggage and be inspired by your own magnificence. 

To find out more either contact me at or go directly to book your tickets here: ART & SCIENCE OF BEING YOU

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Happy New Year from the Remarkable Group!

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I hope your holiday season is treating you well and you are ready to begin 2018.  It’s going to be a Remarkable one. We definitely hope it is for you too!

There is so much great advice out there today about goal setting, particularly at this time of year. Every year I have this habit of spending time getting the ‘right’ diary.  Sometimes I get one and then I see one I think is better - Is it the right colour and right texture and then have to make a decision about whether I go fully digital or stay with writing things down. (It suits me to write things down but I do have to get with the times)  Every year I create this dilemma for myself (and I secretly love it!) I’ve stopped beating myself up about it and see it as my way of settling into the year.

I love talking about setting goals and thinking into the year ahead but find that it’s very easy to overwhelm myself with too many choices or thinking too big. I can also try and get too clever with planning but have found the simpler the better when it comes to getting things done.

I shared the following simple strategies (and more) that are easy to incorporate into your year in the Remarkable Women Radio episode that aired on January 2 at 3.15 on Planetfm 104.6fm. 

Listen in now by clicking this link here:

Check out our previous episodes on

1. A Remarkable Method of planning for your big goal using a holiday analogy.

I have a theory that we can spend more time planning a 2 or 3-week holiday than we do our goals for our business or life so try this method for planning a big goal this year. 

Imagine you are about to go to Europe and you specifically want to go to Italy in summer. (Change Italy for your favourite country) You actually start to think about Italy, you might watch a movie about Italy like “Under the Tuscan Sun” starring Diane Lane or the Rome portion of “Eat Pray Love.” You imagine what it would be like to immerse yourself in a new country, discovering beautiful scenery and seeing famous buildings. You imagine finding the ideal open-air café so you can watch the world go by. You know you want to find the best pasta or you wonder how many flavours of gelato will you need to try to find your favourite one. You get the idea. When we plan a holiday we are excited, we get visual and we engage our imagination. We don’t second-guess things and we are way more decisive. We literally put ourselves into the picture we want. So with that in mind here is the holiday planning analogy in 5 simple steps that I mention on my radio show.

1. See it in your mind’s eye.

We get brochures, we visit websites, we make a pinterest board. You may even make a new screen saver to remind you of what you are looking for. You begin to think about what you want.

2. Plan it

You research and talk to people and figure out how much it’s going to cost. What airline goes where you want to go? Do you have a stopover? Where do we want to go in Italy and when? Are we going to wing it or are we going to plan a lot of the details. What are our must see’s while over there? The detail is being thought about and being worked out. It becomes a big focus and sometimes all you can think about. Despite the detail it’s still exciting because you have a firm picture in your mind of where you are aiming.

3. Decide and Schedule

Once all the detail has been mapped out and the idea is taking shape, we have to take steps to actually help it come to fruition.  E.g. get time off work, get someone to look after pets etc. We put even more detail into the plan. We think through all the necessary steps to make sure we can go. We make room in our schedules. We check what else is going to conflict with those dates. It’s scary and exciting but… we have made the decision to go!

4. Declare it and Commit

We begin to tell everyone and begin the countdown. We may literally take a deep breath, put a hand over our eyes as we hand over our credit card details and push enter on the payment.  We have committed to our idea. Then begins the packing, the double - checking and the double- double-checking. People then tell us their good times when they’ve been travelling (and their horror stories) but we don’t waiver because we have committed ourselves.  People know it’s happening – so there is accountability. You talk about it and don’t doubt that you are going to do it.

5. You just do it.

The date has arrived. You have everything you need. It’s been a major focus for months now and all you have thought about particularly as the date got closer. You have to be at the airport NOW so you have done all you can to make sure you will be on time. You’ve been running through the checklist of ticket, passport, money, keys etc. You are not carrying too much baggage. In fact you may be travelling lighter than you normally would, as you want to do some shopping while you are there. You put your passport details into the check in machine and out comes your boarding pass. You are on your way. You step out with some (actually most) of the unknown unanswered but you know you will figure it out as you go. As Nike says, you just do it. You have literally no idea what it’s actually going to be like but you are sitting on the plane and winging your way to Europe.

What if you used that same analogy to your big (or small) goals for 2018?

1. See it in your mind’s eye. – Visualize what you want

2. Plan it – Research to find out the facts and gain clarity on what you want to do.

3. Decide and Schedule it. Decision is made! Set everything in motion.

4. Declare it – You’re committed and accountability for yourself

5. You do it. You may not be ready but the dates here and you just go do it.

 2. A glass of champagne anyone?

I often ask myself when I am goal setting to fast forward to New Years Eve of the year we are in – in this case that will be December 31 2018.  

I close my eyes and I imagine I am I’m sitting outside looking up at the stars on New Year’s Eve holding a glass of champagne in my hand. I imagine it’s already the end of the year just for a few moments.

And I ask this question: As I look back over my year (remember you are thinking a year ahead) what are the 3 things I have put in place this year that has made the biggest difference for me this year.

If you are patient you will get an answer so listen for it quietly. You may get a picture, a sense or a knowing of at least one thing. Write it down. It’s a great way to help you focus.  Then get a sense of how you can instigate that  ‘pearl of wisdom or download’ in your life and business this year.

“The quality of your life is proportional to the quality of the questions you ask.”

3. Simple and Powerful Questions to ask this year

 I first heard the following four questions from Jayne Warrilow a few years ago.  When I thought about these questions in depth I got some interesting answers. I hope they reveal something to you too! I would grab a notebook and record your answers.

1.     What would you be able to activate in the future if you knew you couldn’t fail?

2.     What is the next step you are avoiding?

3.    What dream are you discounting as impossible?

4.    What payoff are you getting for remaining stuck at this point of your expansion?

In other words:

1.     What could you be doing?

2.     What are you not doing?

3.    How do you shortchange yourself?

4.    Why do you persist in doing the things that keep you stuck?


Listen here to the Remarkable Women Radio Show. These are all simple easy strategies that I hope will get you moving in the direction you really want to go this year. at 3.15pm every Tuesday or via for previous episodes.





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"The only person you are destined to become is the person that you decide to be”

Ralph Waldo Emerson



Have you ever tried to get through a day where everything makes you question your life? You are busy, stressed and you know you are not appreciating yourself and those around you. Scattered is good way to describe how you get through the day. There has to be a better way right?

Introducing Mindfulness :

Mindfulness means filling your mind with strategic, resourceful and do-able strategies to help you remain calm, connected and in control of your emotions and clear about where you are going and why. It’s about appreciating all of you.

The quality of your life is determined by what you think. What you think is determined by the quality of the questions you ask. But in order to hear your own wisdom you first need to clear the way to access your mind’s intuition and to engage with your inspiration - what lights you up. This is when mindfulness matters because you are consciously choosing your responses and reactions.

Emotions are energy in emotion and they are caused by imbalanced perceptions of an event - usually one that’s occurred in the past.  These emotions literally take up space and time in your mind. It’s all you can think about. You often find yourself saying ”I have a lot on my mind or things are weighing on my mind.” Habitual ways of thinking form as a result and get ingrained causing us to react instead of respond to life.

There are some simple but very wise strategies to harness your innate wisdom to step into the potential and possibilities that exist for you and your business.  The quality of your life depends on it and the quality of your business does too.

Mindfulness is giving you back. It helps to remind and reconnect you to the part of you that is expansive and creative. The part we forget we have when we are busy and fearful. We help access your inspiration and aspirations with practical strategies to enhance your life, make it easier for you to choose a more empowering path, and to access more resourceful states of mind that will provide fuel for personal growth.

Mindfulness is an introduction to Universal wisdom that surrounds each and every one of us. It's time to learn what it is and how to make it work for you and not against you. It's time to learn how to access more moments of mindfulness and how to get yourself out of those moments of stress, frustration and overwhelm. That way you can have more moments of appreciation, clarity, calmness and literally to be able to look at life in a way that feels like challenges are mere stepping stones instead of stumbling blocks.

We aim for any workshop we do to be as practical as possible - giving you some universal concepts that you can apply straight away in your life and business with immediate effect.

If you are interested in attending or having a workshop specially tailored to your group, contact





© Mandy Beverley

If People Only knew

I have the privilege of working with some amazing people that I am fortunate enough to call my clients. As well as revitalising their mindset, they are holding themselves accountable for their results and gaining momentum in their lives. They are literally dissolving the hold stress, fear and overwhelm has had in their lives.

My clients give themselves permission to own their worth, to look beyond the obvious and to begin to see and own that part of them that is connected, expansive and remarkable. That part of them that has been covered up by events or people in their life that has caused disempowering perceptions and beliefs. It’s very inspiring when people get a glimpse of their authentic selves.

I love to let my clients know where we are reaching to energetically as well as intellectually and intuitively when we work together. So here is a little snapshot I love for people to know that I have simply called… if people only knew.

If people only knew:

…How magnificent they really are they would want to let go of the little things that keep them stuck because being stuck or magnificent takes the same amount of energy.

…How amazing their connection to all of creation is they would be fearless and relentless in their ability to know and grow their influence and awareness.

…How valuable challenges really are to their existence they wouldn’t back down from them - they would go looking for them strategically.

…How much love there is surrounding them. The universe is a precise and extremely beautiful intelligent force that wants to give unconditionally so we may appreciate our own magnificence.

…Being human is a temporary gift – one to treasure and be grateful for.

…That gratitude is the highest vibration we can obtain in our present form they would want to raise their vibration by appreciating their lives and getting above the invasive small mindedness.

…How much it depletes their energy when they give their story or excuses more importance than their life.

... If only people know what they are really made of they would work with the small part of them that wants to give big. From the smallest possible spark known to man all things can be created. Small and great work well together. You can’t help but create and manifest. A collection of small things done consistently can lead to greatness.


If you would like to know more how you can know this for yourself and have clarity moving forward please email us at and let’s schedule a time to talk or book directly at our website



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What would you do?

As I was helping a lovely friend of mine through some challenges she asked me if I could answer as her friend. Not as a facilitator. Just as her friend.

If I answered as her friend what advice would I give? For those that know me well you may have asked this too!

Remarkable Women's Guide to Loving Your Inner Critic

Can you love your inner critic? Do you have an internal voice that is constantly criticizing and finding fault with what you do? Do you know what it’s like to have conflict in your head - one part of you saying you’re not good enough, and the part trying to tell you you’re great; and actually you’re just a bit awesome too, feels like it’s being drowned out.

Remarkable Women's Guide to Dreaming with Your Eyes Open

Dream with your eyes open.

Vision boards help us to remember to dream. It’s a way to focus our thoughts on what we want instead of what we have to do.  A vision board is something you can do once and then set it in your surroundings and it’s working for you 24 hours a day unconsciously. We might only focus consciously on what we really want for 30 mins a day so it’s multi-tasking at it’s most efficient.

Remarkable Women’s guide to Eliminating Limiting Thoughts

Thoughts are the most powerful thing in the universe. Nothing can happen without thinking about it first. You don't move a muscle without an intention. Your ideas precede the things you create. Think about that for a moment...that means YOU are responsible for YOUR manifestations. YOU are in charge of what YOU want!

Remarkable Women’s Guide to: Winning the Internal Battle

Your childhood is over and in most cases (especially if you are on my list) it has been so for many decades. So why is the little girl still in charge? Let me explain why I am being provocative. For many of us, the little girl inside us is still in charge. The one that was wounded, injured, maybe bullied, taken for granted or under appreciated, overlooked or ignored, years and sometimes decades ago

Remarkable Women’s Guide to the Benefits of Negative Thinking

I have a conversation about the benefits of negative thinking most days I am consulting with my clients. Initially I may get an odd look, but eventually I can demonstrate this for my clients and they are always pleasantly surprised by what happens when they look at both sides of an event that occurred in their lives. Read on as I explain…

Remarkable Women’s Guide To Manifesting

You’ve heard that the universe is infinite. You’ve probably also heard we can have whatever we want, as long as we are clear about what we want. The challenge in our day to day lives is to actually stop…breathe…and give ourselves a chance to think.

Remarkable Women's Guide To The Upside Of Stress

This article is part of our Stressed Women's Guide series and has been originally published under the topic "Why stress is actually good for us - and how to get good at it".

It’s been drilled into all of us since childhood: Stress is at the root of every modern day ailment, it’s the primary culprit for all feelings of discomfort and dismay, it is, in short terrible and to be avoided at all costs. But here’s the other thing about stress: It is the lining of everyday life, the subtle and consistent undertone in the soundtrack of our day-to-day, an unavoidable reality.

Mandy Beverley's Remarkable Women Interview Series

Kate Nankivell is a Force of Nature. She’s remarkable, she’s capable and she cares. She is an expert in LinkedIn and social selling and business development. When I first heard Kate speak, she opened with this statement: “Having an incomplete profile on LinkedIn and only accepting invitations to connect is like going to the biggest networking event of your life in your trackies and standing with your nose in the corner and hoping people will come and find you.”

Remarkable Women’s Guide To Creating Your Ideal Life: Breaking Down The Big Goal

Recently some of my clients have been having some challenges bringing their big goal to life. They have amazing goals but there’s something in the way of getting started on them. (Self-value and self esteem aside.) These goals are sitting out in the ether as a compelling thought, a half started project, something they really want but there’s lots of uncertainty surrounding it. They are procrastinating and self doubting, feeling stagnant and not sure what direction to go in. Maybe that’s a theme for you at the moment. If it is I hope this helps.

Remarkable Women’s Guide To Being Awesome

These essential ingredients make up our recipe for awesome.

Inspiration: Acknowledging the spirit within. What that means is finding the things that light you up. This is where your genius lies. No one has to motivate you or tell you what to do. You are inspired to just do ‘it’. It's your own unique and remarkable feature. I have a saying above my desk “ Genius lives where wonder wakes”. There’s a different energy around someone when they are inspired. They want to do something and they love to do it. When someone is enthusiastic about what they are doing, it’s contagious.

Remarkable Women’s Guide To A Calm And Centered (And Productive) Life

Tired Testy and Ticked off…you know that’s not the best way to start the week… or even the weekend!
Tired because you are the one that is doing it all…testy because you are doing it all and ticked off because you are definitely doing it all and/or no one is doing it the way you want, so you have to do even more.

Delegation therefore becomes your new best friend. You my friend, need a team around you. “I’m so busy I don’t know where to start”, I here you say, so let’s start with these simple steps.

Remarkable Women’s Guide To Better Relationships

Relationships are really the backbone of our lives. They can lift us up and they can make us feel as low as we feel it’s possible to go. They can put us through a roller-coaster of emotional ups and downs. We can enter into them so full of hope and faith and giddiness that we are unaware of the pitfalls. There won’t be any, not this time we say…

We know by now that there are always speed bumps to anything we value. Let’s pre-empt, prepare and keep things in perspective when a stressful relationship ‘issue’ presents itself.

A strategy to dissolve stress in relationships.