Kate Nankivell is a Force of Nature. She’s remarkable, she’s capable and she cares. She is an expert in LinkedIn and social selling and business development. When I first heard Kate speak, she opened with this statement: “Having an incomplete profile on LinkedIn and only accepting invitations to connect is like going to the biggest networking event of your life in your trackies and standing with your nose in the corner and hoping people will come and find you.”

That statement really resonated with me. Guilty! (We can all learn from each other!)

Kate also knows that to keep growing and bringing her best to her business that it’s time to shed some unnecessary beliefs that she is filtering her life through.

She has a big future ahead of her and wisely (in my opinion) she contacted me.

Here are her answers to some of the questions I asked her for this article. She is sharing here in the hope that many more women will invest in them-selves to keep inspiration and momentum maintained in their businesses. Those two things give us our edge. I love to help uncover that for women in business.

  1. What was it like struggling with the problem before we worked together?
    It was an annoying reminder when I thought about it - that this person and the nature of my relationship with them was still having a negative impact on my life - even after we were no longer in contact. I was spending time and emotional energy (in my head) on this person and my past relationship to/with them. I hadn’t let it go and it was draining and having a negative impact on my health.
  2. What were some of the hesitations or fears before we worked together?
    I didn’t know what to expect (or where to start…)
    I was a little afraid of digging into that issue and to be honest letting it go.
  3. What would you say to someone experiencing these same hesitations/fears now?
    Trust the process and trust in you Mandy. You have the tools to get me to the other side of my problems and challenges and you help me drop the emotional baggage along the way.
  4. What's the biggest change you've experienced as a result of working with me?
    What used to cause me worry and stress is no more. It’s gone. I am free of it. Plus I am now able to see the benefits to me of what at the time seemed like a very negative experience. The combined sense of freedom and fresh insight enables me to focus on my business with a clearer mind and increased intensity.
  5. What was the best part of working with me?
    You make the hard easy. Working with you means that when I’m stuck you get me through to the other side. It’s also a great reminder that everything we think is based on the perceptions we form. Thank you for your great skill and the process. It and you really works magic!

Emotional baggage keeps us stuck. It weights us down and ages us and drains us of our inspiration and therefore our life force.

My clients have these big beautiful dreams and goals. But there is something that is stopping them realizing them. By dissolving the emotions that literally run their life, they stop reacting and start creating their life by design, not default.

It’s always a pleasure and very humbling to work with so many amazing souls that are here to do so much good in the world.

Kate can be found at http://ForceofNature.co.nz.

Give yourself permission to play a bigger game.

Image supplied by cocorrina.com.