Tired Testy and Ticked off…you know that’s not the best way to start the week… or even the weekend!
Tired because you are the one that is doing it all…testy because you are doing it all and ticked off because you are definitely doing it all and/or no one is doing it the way you want, so you have to do even more.

Delegation therefore becomes your new best friend. You my friend, need a team around you. “I’m so busy I don’t know where to start”, I here you say, so let’s start with these simple steps.
Here are 3 steps to help make your life a little easier.

1. Make the decision that you are going to say NO to something – just one thing - this week. Stress and overwhelm are your friend…they are telling you where you are overcommitted and under-resourced or afraid of letting go. Who care’s what people think if you get someone to help you. I promise you they will enjoy the relaxed version of you more. The pressure on you to go onto that committee, the pressure to buy something you are not ready for, or the pressure to take on more that you can at the moment, the pressure of feeling like you are being pushed into a yes when you should say no is STRESSFUL.

2. Make a list of everything running around in your head that you need to do and are afraid to forget. Include what you are waking up in the middle of the night worrying about. List everything. Are any of these things falling under similar topic headings? e.g. work, family. If so group these together. Then prioritise them. You can research different ways to prioirtise, but we don’t need more to do, so use this as a starting point.

Get a highlighter and highlight in yellow or pink (or your favourite colour) the most important things that you need to be doing first from this list. You will focus quicker as the important things are now highlighted. Do the same on the next day with a different colour if you wish. You could number them, 123 or ABC but personally I like colour. The golden rule is here is don’t think - just do. It’s your list so what would compel you to make it work. Colour?

3. Take 3 of the most important things that you have to do today from the list of highest priorities. I do this because I have so many things that I am trying to do. I can get carried away looking at things that pop up on my computer distracting me, and hours later I have fed my obsession with Pinterest and am no further ahead. There are only so many times I can call that a research day! So now I write 3 things that have to be done. When I tackle those, I add 3 more from my list. You can be an overachiever and add 5 or 7 items, but just start with 3.

4. Finally what can you delegate? It could be that you get your kids to cook a meal once a week or to vacuum for you. It could be that you are going to get that housekeeper you need…and no they don't care that your house is untidy or not organized. It will be tidier and more organized when they are finished. Would 2-5 or 10 hours with a VA or PA free you up some time? What would really help you right now?

And yes - I take my own advice! I have a VA again. I can’t tell you the difference it makes now that I have a direction and a deadline.

“If you try and do it all you end up playing small. “ Mandy Beverley