These essential ingredients make up our recipe for awesome.

Inspiration: Acknowledging the spirit within. What that means is finding the things that light you up. This is where your genius lies. No one has to motivate you or tell you what to do. You are inspired to just do ‘it’. It's your own unique and remarkable feature. I have a saying above my desk “ Genius lives where wonder wakes”. There’s a different energy around someone when they are inspired. They want to do something and they love to do it. When someone is enthusiastic about what they are doing, it’s contagious.

Gratitude: gratitude helps us locate our place in the Universe and connect in at a higher level. It helps us transcend the smallness and begin to own the greatness that is at our core.

Appreciation: This is honouring the talents, the uniqueness and the light within us. There’s a different level of energy about us when we are appreciative and really let our light shine. It honours the creative energy in the universe. It there-fore helps us tap into our vital and creative energy force.

Understand Challenge and Support or what love is really about
“ Love is the synthesis and synchronicity of complimentary opposites”. Dr. Demartini. That means love comes in both positive and negative experiences. It also means we are surrounded by love 24/7. It just doesn’t come exactly how we want it to look. Understand how to play in the universal energy. That means understanding that we need positive and negative energy to manifest. Everything serves us, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

Ask quality questions: Send your ‘ions on a quest’, literally. Start asking questions that don't start with -Why is this happening to me? That’s asking for a random googly answer. If you can’t think of any here’s a few suggestions.

I wonder what miracles the universe will behold for me today.
How can I embrace my potential to be all I can be today?
How can I make a difference in my life and the lives of others today?
What are 3 things that I am grateful for today?
What are 3 things that I appreciate about my life today?