Dream with your eyes open.

Vision boards help us to remember to dream. It’s a way to focus our thoughts on what we want instead of what we have to do.  A vision board is something you can do once and then set it in your surroundings and it’s working for you 24 hours a day unconsciously. We might only focus consciously on what we really want for 30 mins a day so it’s multi-tasking at it’s most efficient.

Deciding, declaring and focusing on what you want is important in anyone’s life. It enables more clarity even if we don’t think there is any. If we set up our boards to make us feel inspired and enthused and feel good when we look at them, we are setting our vibrational levels a little closer to what’s possible for us.

“The only way to predict the future is to create it”

If we are not clear on what we want it’s harder to actually receive it. Or we get what we focus on.

This is a simple yet effective exercise that gives you permission to dream. You can always refine what you want as you go.  Treat it as serious fun and give yourself permission to dream.

Making the Vision Board

Simple: Effective: inexpensive

You will need:



Magazines and pictures

Cardboard or artists canvas (these can be reasonably cheap from craft stores)

1. Get a piece of cardboard- make it a decent sized one. I have used thick sketching paper and I have also used an artist’s canvas (a flat one.) I also have used a large book with plastic sleeves to put pictures in.  I’ve now gone back to a large piece of card/canvas. I prefer to look at it – if it’s in a book form I don’t tend to take it out as much. Whatever you use will be fine. The intention is more important. If you have never done this exercise before, enjoy and have fun with it. (Kids love to do this too.) You can do boards for all parts of your life on one board or even just focus on the one area of your life that needs the most attention. It’s your life, so be intentional and creative.

2. Find pictures and words: Go through all your old magazines that you have lying around or ask a friend for theirs. Internet is a great tool these days as well!

Cut out the things that you would LOVE to have in your life.

Get excited and start THINKING BIG - Word of warning here: be very specific as you may just get it!!

3. Cut and paste the pictures on your cardboard in whatever order you would like. It’s like making a collage. You can have an area in one corner that is just focused on health or business or relationships or mix them all up…it’s really about what you would love. I lay things out before gluing them down and tend to shift things around once I am clearer.

4. Put a photo of yourself or at least your name - front and centre in the board. This puts you in the picture of what you would love.

·       Notice the opportunities that start to come into your life a little while down the track. Don’t put it down to coincidence….there is no such thing.

·      Visualisation and intention are powerful creation tools so this exercise helps with that.

·      It’s OK to want things!! You are allowed to – in fact I am giving you permission now.

·      Be realistic - it’s not going to happen overnight…be patient and believe in the possibilities.

·      If you change your mind about something just paste over that picture. You may want to update it from time to time.

·      If you are finding that you have started to achieve a few things congratulate yourself and then update it.


1.Intend that “it” will happen

2.Detach from the outcome (the hardest part.) If you don’t - it’s like my new lettuces I have planted. If I keep digging them up to see how far the roots have grown they will get nowhere.

3.Take action towards the things you say you want. That is the real secret! As you know the Law of Attraction has the word action in it.