Thoughts are the most powerful thing in the universe. Nothing can happen without thinking about it first. You don't move a muscle without an intention. Your ideas precede the things you create. Think about that for a moment...that means YOU are responsible for YOUR manifestations. YOU are in charge of what YOU want!

So as the leader of your own life, practice creating the positive or momentum building thoughts that will serve you and your business. You have become extremely efficient in creating what you currently have and there’s absolute truth in the statement that we get what we think about most.

I suspect, because you are reading this, you don’t have everything that you want...yet.

If your beliefs create your reality and form your perception of the world then it doesn’t matter what you want, you will only get what you believe. In essence, beliefs will trump desires every time!

The following disempowering beliefs need to be recognized and then eliminated from your thoughts, by dissolving the power they hold over you so you can see how they are assisting you not hindering you. They can be used as fuel for growth by either reaching for what seems beyond where you currently are or wake up something more powerful inside of you. Both will create the energy to shift and transform your current reality.

Limited thinking create limiting lives

Which one describes you best?

  • I don’t deserve.
  •  Who am I?
  •  I am not good enough?
  •  I am not worthy?
  •  Victim – poor me mentality

These thoughts direct every action you take. Your beliefs and fears create and are responsible for, your self image and self worth. If beliefs and expectations do not match, then you will not take action because you don’t think you can really do it...or maybe you fall into the trap of looking at all the excuses as to why it won’t work.

For example, on the surface you may think that you want a successful, flourishing, and abundant business. However, underneath, you’re thinking that you don’t have what it takes and you’re okay with what you shouldn’t be greedy. Perhaps you don’t believe you deserve success or you have an unsupportive partner. There are always many excuses to choose from so here are a few things to break that cycle.

  • For a start -stop looking down and start to look up!  Literally changing your focus can change what you think about.
  • Create a list of reasons why you deserve to succeed. Keep going till you can balance out the negative thoughts.
  • Get resourceful and feed your mind affirming and transforming thoughts.
  • Define your dream and chunk down what you want to do.
  • Start asking quality questions of yourself and those around you. Get intentional and get resourceful
  • The only way you will believe in yourself is to… believe in yourself. Who else deserves your support more than you? Be your own best believer and champion. If you think you can or you think you can’t …you are absolutely right. Henry Ford got it right!
  • Be grateful for all the little seemingly insignificant things in your life.

“Never let your small beginnings make you small minded. Have your vision beyond your circumstances.” Brendon Burchard