You’ve heard that the universe is infinite. You’ve probably also heard we can have whatever we want, as long as we are clear about what we want. The challenge in our day to day lives is to actually stop…breathe…and give ourselves a chance to think.

Being busy all day is boring. The only thing that gets done is the to-do list. Mine can be like an alien being – it regrows the very next day. It’s hard to focus on just one thing and therefore we miss out. So I am always looking for ways to sharpen my focus and manifest what I want. Have you noticed that it’s people that focus on one thing who get there the quickest?

We are manifesting in our lives even when we think we aren’t. We are manifested in our physical forms every day of our lives. If we actually stopped and thought about that we would realize that we have what we are looking for. The secret to manifesting is already in us. We are already doing it. We are taking what is intangible and unlimited and creating a tangible and limited form of it. Stop and marvel at the power of that creation!

A combination of thoughts and actions are crucial. Material things are manifested through our persistent thoughts and action.

Here’s a short list that I hope can help you to focus and have what you love in your life:

1. First bring all your energy back to you…If you are scattered you can’t focus.

 A  tool to help is this: A visualisation meditation that I take my clients through is this: