The biggest obstacle holding many people back is fear. That nasty four-letter word. We have all heard that fear is “ false evidence appearing real “ or various versions of that statement. It usually appears when there is a big goal or step you need to take.

There are seven fears that can stop your progress and leave success as that elusive dream yet again. Perhaps it’s one fear in particular or even a combination of two or three fears. Instead of going after what you want, you may be struggling in what I call the “invisible cage.” Many people operate their lives with imaginary bars surrounding them and they bang up against them at every opportunity. They can’t see them but they know they are there every time they try and move forward in their lives.

You deserve to have everything you want in your life.  So have a look at these fears and see if what’s holding you back are represented in this list of seven. How many have caged you or held you in imaginary prison of your own making?

  1. Fear of doing something wrong –Fear of breaking the morals or ethics of an authority.
  2. Fear you don’t know enough – I’m not good enough, so you don’t get started at all. Ever stopped yourself because you didn’t think you could do it?
  3. Fear of failure – what if it doesn’t work?
  4. Fear of losing money – what if I can’t pay the bills?
  5. Fear of losing loved ones – my spouse/partner/family doesn’t want me to do it and are giving me a hard time.
  6. Fear of rejection – people may say “no” to me. You are so worried about what others will say that you just don’t get started.
  7. Fear that you can’t do what’s required – I don’t have the energy / I’m too old / too young/ too tired/ too busy.

Our greatest battles take place within ourselves. What story is running through your head?

If you know what you want but haven’t got it yet, you have to ask why? Are you taking on fear? Is it yours or someone else’s that’s influencing you? Is it a combination of all of them and you are not sure what is fact and what is fiction anymore? You just want to move the heck forward with your life!

Whatever story you have been telling yourself – it’s time to make a new one. Everything you have been doing until now has served you admirably...but it’s time to go to the next dimension of your life.

Fear. Procrastination. Self sabotage. These negative states of consciousness are exhausting to live with! It’s like having one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake at the same time...or driving forward while looking in the rear view mirror. Self-sabotage is common because fear sets up conflict and struggle. These feelings are telling us something really important if we care to look. They are necessary, believe it or not!

How to overcome your fear? In a way the problem becomes your solution and it’s pretty simple.

Fear is there to tell you - you haven’t broken your dreams and goals down in to small enough actions steps. There is still an unrealistic expectation there. As soon as you break it down to a small enough step, that you can’t see anything in the way of stopping you from doing it, there is nothing in your way.

Every goal is achieved by doing the little things that we think are insignificant yet they hold the key to success.  They keep the momentum going. While the goal is sitting out there big, bold and a little scary…it will keep you stuck.

So give it a go, break that big bad big goal down.  Fear is your friend not your block.