As I was helping a lovely friend of mine through some challenges, she asked me if I could answer as her friend. Not as a facilitator. Just as her friend.

If I answered as her friend what advice would I give? For those that know me well you may have asked this too!


I realised in that moment what I do for people is so ingrained in everything I am.  I am now wired to go looking for the other side of any event. Whether it be positive or negative.
When you know  you have an answer that can be helpful (and make a difference) why would you hold back? I have the option to hold back but it doesn't make sense to anymore when the circumstances are serious. Too many people are afraid to look at the bigger picture of what is going on in their lives. 

I know that the root of the word passion means to suffer. Considering the way that word gets thrown around these days it's hard to believe.  The word compassion means to suffer with someone. 

Awareness and decency are definitely strong qualities to exercise in stressful times. Why would I want people to suffer more than they have to? I have no control over world events, so this article is not about that. This article is about my sphere of influence. If I can I prefer to empower my friends and clients. 

How to answer my lovely friend? Because I know what I know, my reply would be exactly the same. Why would I want to keep you stuck in a cycle of sameness by agreeing and supporting you?  Why would I not introduce you a bigger perspective for your life? Why would I not want to show you how that works in your life? Imagine being able to make sense of stressful times. You are then empowered to change your life. Now you will know that everything that is challenging you is on the way to what you want and deserve.

The blame game and pity parties never change anything. It gets us  taking a stance where we become rigid, inflexible and want to always be right.  It make us miserable. That is what keeps us stuck. That is where we go round and round in our stories trying to make sense of our lives.  

Our bodies can’t handle prolonged inflexibility and rigidity. Inflexible and rigid thinking depresses our immune system. We develop signs and symptoms to try and get us to be aware of our inflexibility. It's wiser to go into a dance with life. To look for the benefit of the challenge. Go looking for the next step. 

Connecting people to Universal wisdom is at the foundation of the Remarkable Group and  I love to connect people to the bigger picture for their everyday lives. I know of no other way to be a friend than to introduce them to the magnificence of their own lives. Sitting in the magic of an equiliberated mind will  bring a sense of calm and balance. There you will have greater appreciation, gratitude and inspiration for your life. It goes way beyond wanting to just be happy. It opens up power and possibilites for your life. That's remarkable. That’s what I prefer to do.

Pick up the phone and book a complmentary call with me so we can see where you are at and what might be in the way of you stepping into your potential and possibilities this year. If you have any questions about the upcoming events or however else I may be able to help you phone, text or email.

Our mission is to help you connect to the light of your soul.