I have the privilege of working with some amazing people that I am fortunate enough to call my clients. As well as revitalising their mindset, they are holding themselves accountable for their results and gaining momentum in their lives. They are literally dissolving the hold stress, fear and overwhelm has had in their lives.

My clients give themselves permission to own their worth, to look beyond the obvious and to begin to see and own that part of them that is connected, expansive and remarkable. That part of them that has been covered up by events or people in their life that has caused disempowering perceptions and beliefs. It’s very inspiring when people get a glimpse of their authentic selves.

I love to let my clients know where we are reaching to energetically as well as intellectually and intuitively when we work together. So here is a little snapshot I love for people to know that I have simply called… if people only knew.

If people only knew:

…How magnificent they really are they would want to let go of the little things that keep them stuck because being stuck or magnificent takes the same amount of energy.

…How amazing their connection to all of creation is they would be fearless and relentless in their ability to know and grow their influence and awareness.

…How valuable challenges really are to their existence they wouldn’t back down from them - they would go looking for them strategically.

…How much love there is surrounding them. The universe is a precise and extremely beautiful intelligent force that wants to give unconditionally so we may appreciate our own magnificence.

…Being human is a temporary gift – one to treasure and be grateful for.

…That gratitude is the highest vibration we can obtain in our present form they would want to raise their vibration by appreciating their lives and getting above the invasive small mindedness.

…How much it depletes their energy when they give their story or excuses more importance than their life.

... If only people know what they are really made of they would work with the small part of them that wants to give big. From the smallest possible spark known to man all things can be created. Small and great work well together. You can’t help but create and manifest. A collection of small things done consistently can lead to greatness.


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Photo by Jordan Bauer on Unsplash