I believe that the three greatest forces in the world are gratitude, inspiration, and appreciation.

 Why they're so important is because they align us to our higher mind. They align us to our reason for being here, and they  align us to a pathway in the world that we can only access when we get above the energy of resistance and inertia that can sometimes accompany our big goals once the initial excitement has worn off.  The part of us that wants to have support without challenge is what I call the lower mind. The lower minded part of us only wants positive things to happen.  Which means it’s focused on having  peace and pleasure, and it wants to have everything positive the whole time, totally negating our negative side as unimportant.

Which is a little unfortunate really because when we operate from the lower minded part of us all the time, we actually go against universal law. Universal law states you can't have a positive without a negative. You can't have challenge without support. So if you've been concentrating really hard on being positive the whole time and then suddenly you experience negativity and you wonder why all this bad “stuff “ happens to you it’s literally because it has to – it’s law. But there are strategies to help you turn this knowledge to your advantange. Thank goodness right?

Being able to go above what the lower mind wants, which is pleasure without pain and peace without war, is key because you deserve to have more than a one sided life. If you can transcend that paradigm you will  access the appreciation,  gratitude and inspiration that exists in every moment for you, even in challenging times. You become more masterful in your ability to transcend the challenges and pain in your life. Just as you know you can't have a positive without a negative, it also means you can't have a negative without a positive. It works both ways. The more you try and think of only having a one sided life that’s all positive the more we ignore the other side. When the ‘proverbial’ hits the fan, we then have to face our deepest fears and beliefs, our comfort zone gets a nudge and that’s when we begin to learn and grow as a person and that’s when we have the opportunity to create more meaning and fulfilment in our lives.

 If last year was challenging for you at any time, pick a moment that was most challenging and ask how did that serve you? What have you gone on and done as a result of that event? What decisions did you make, what people did you no longer associate with? All of these things really can help us to see why the challenges occur. If you've got a problem with the boss at work, or your partner and you are taking it very personally and find yourself asking quite limiting questions e.g. - why are they doing this to me? That’s your lower-minded part going why aren’t they being nice to me. If you can look back and see every time that you got embarrassed or humiliated, or told you weren't good enough, you actually ended up digging deeper, you found a different level to engage with the world, but most of all you found what it is that you weren't doing for you. Because every time we have a moment like that we actually know exactly what we want to do. It becomes crystal clear in those frustrating times. You're trying to please somebody (or everybody) all the time. That becomes impossible. You have had enough because they don’t appreciate you doing that. Suddenly you begin to stand up for yourself. You make decisions and changes to focus on you and somehow you become the most important person in your life once again. The frustration has lead you back to prioritising yourself. So, there's a lot of information that sits in these painful moments, so make sure that you become aware of this so you don’t waste them.

Become tuned into the transcendent mind because it is a powerful part of you that can see both positive and negative simultaneously and synchronistically - which means it’s always aware of the balance in every moment.. When you do that you'll be calmer, you'll be a lot more transformative, and you'll also be more productive, having less of the why me and the pity parties that can leave us emotionally exhausted.

If you know there are benefits to the challenges you begin to actually look forward to the challenges. You look forward to asking what can I create? What can I plan? What can I do in  2019? When you ask those questions you begin to anticipate obstacles because you know they will be there. Imagine asking - I want to achieve XYZ in 2019, what are the obstacles that will come up? What things can I put in place to lessen their impact, what is my strategy if we encounter them? You already have the strategy if you run up against them, so the things you fear don’t hold you there. You will have less of the “oh my God, why is this is happening, why me” scenario. In other words you are beginning to master your mindset.

 So, that's a little lesson on step one of accessing more gratitude, inspiration, appreciation. It's actually knowing the difference between our lower minded part of ourselves, that only wants a positive without a negative. Most people are wondering why the power of positive thinking isn't always working for them. Know that in order to access this higher minded state you need to be able to have strategies that get you there and that means seeing the benefits to the negative experiences in our lives.

As you plan your goals (and we have all watched the first month of 2019 whizz by) just know that obstacles and challenges and things to take us off course are going to come up for us. It won’t be all roses….so anticipate it. You will be more creative and resilient when you do. You will be playing with the universe instead of against it.

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Photo by Cynthia Frankvoort on Unsplash