"When we own even a small part of our vastness, we connect and integrate at a level that inspires greatness, internal calmness and a sense of being that is balanced and harmonious with the world around us."

Mandy Beverley


" Sometimes you have to stop searching for the light and actually be the light"

Jayne Warrilow





A resourceful, flexible and transformative mindset is our greatest assest and the best secret weapon to creating success I know. It doesn’t matter how much you know, it matters how much you believe. When you partner that belief with action, success follows.

In today’s fast paced world most people are looking for a quick fix. It’s easy to go down rabbit holes of what others are doing and be easily led off course. But you are not most people. You are a big thinker and a high achiever and you know anything you do on a consistent basis will deliver results. Both positive and negative. Therefore our mindset needs to be orientated and developed towards the success we want.

Staying in momentum through the ability to empower your mind to break through self imposed limitations, as well as the knowledge to move past challenges that keep us stuck, allows the focus to continue and success to follow.

The Remarkable Life programme is delivered over 6 months with someone that is focused on you staying inspired, on top of your game, and accountable for what you want. We take your goals seriously and we love to help you step into the potential and possibilities that exist for you.


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If you are thinking about engaging Mandy Beverley’s services, then please don’t hesitate. Working with Mandy has been of incredible benefit to me over the past year. I was able to move quickly through some very tricky and painful times, see the benefits and gain valuable personal insights on how to use these incredible techniques when needed. Mandy is insightful, generous of nature and results driven. I felt safe and secure yet relieved at the end of each session, knowing I had moved mountains with some reoccurring issues that I just didn’t need in my life anymore. Don’t expect initially to understand how the process works but believe me it does. I can’t recommend or thank Mandy enough.

Suzanne Christie



Go to your edge and develop the courage to move forward.


Despite success so far you are feeling a little off purpose. It’s causing you to question your life and that’s a good thing because you are one of the few that is ready for the next level in transformation and empowerment. 

So if you are making big changes and want support to stay in the mindset of growth and momentum, or you are reaching the crossroads around what you want to do and feel unmotivated and lost - welcome to the edge. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming any more. We work with you for 3 months (or longer if you wish) and focus on you and what you want and what’s in the way of that. We bring the subconscious conscious so you know what’s really running your life. 

Mindset influences everything, so we want yours to be strong and clear and energetically aligned to what you want. The Remarkable Edge requires you to take a step forward in claiming the life you want. Why 3 months? Because we want you to have the power to direct your own thoughts instead of falling back into old habits.

Clarity and certainty and the ability to tackle any challenge you face will have you positively impacting your relationships at work and home with ease. Welcome to your edge. The next 3 months is one of massive realisations and wisdom that is being revealed through the exercises and coaching we will do and the universal truths we live by. It’s a new set of rules. 


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Remarkable programmes to give yourself the edge you need in life and business

Working with Mandy has expanded the possibilities in my life beyond my expectations, what I had hoped to achieve has been far surpassed. In all areas I have grown. I wake up with gratitude and I am excited about the future. There are more things I want to work on and I look forward to continuing the journey with Mandy as she is insightful, brings clarity, is trustworthy, empathetic, nurturing and challenging.

Rachaell Saunders


I had some sessions with Mandy when I was on an extremely tight deadline for a major project. After every session I came away able to fully focus. Gone were the distracting issues and in their place was a laser like focus on what was most important to me. I was able to work with attention and purpose, resulting in meeting some very tight deadlines, with great results.  Mandy is skilled at asking questions to get to the heart of any issue and leads you to find the answers. Whether it be business related or personal, I highly recommend Mandy. She will help you to achieve your best in any area of your life.

Jenny Atkinson


I found meeting Mandy highly beneficial at a time when I had many big decisions to make in my life and I didn't know the first steps to take. There were so many options for me and I was not sure of what I wanted at all. Mandy got me moving immediately because as I learnt quickly, movement in any direction, soon gives clarity to whether it's the right direction or not. We explored the options I had and began some action towards the different options. She held me accountable and checked up on my progress regularly and encouragingly. I felt really good getting so much done, even if I still wasn't sure about the direction, these action steps gave me more confidence and dynamism and started the momentum. Mandy helped me take the emotion out of my decision making and just start doing. She also helped me so much by exploring the underlying cause of my inaction and reassuring me that these essential first steps I was taking were just stepping stones to any and all big dreams or visions I have.

P Thorpe



This programme is designed for the person whose life is wrapped up in lots of confusion and emotion. The problem feels like it’s taking over.You are reacting rather than responding to life and everything feels urgent and important. It’s overwhelming and stressful. 

It could be anything from a break up you want to recover from, a major up-level that’s required at work, you need to kick the “who me” part of you aside, a major communication rift you need to sort or even a grief you are struggling to move on from. This programme focuses on the urgent and important. 

Let's sort the things around this situation that are keeping you on this emotional roller coaster, so it doesn’t keep happening. 

After our first session I had a completely different perspective of a situation which was at that time controlling my life. I have now dissolved many issues and have gained clarity and no longer make decisions from a place of fear and guilt.

Ann Foster


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The Remarkable Advantage is an exclusive mastermind for women who want to play a bigger game, experience more financial success and freedom in their lifestyle.



You are a big thinker, a high achiever and you want to increase your influence and energetic alignment this year.

You know that achieving your goals isn’t rocket science. It’s about setting the right intentions, grounding your ideas in reality, taking committed action, and focusing on what really matters. You know that managing and developing your mindset is one of the important factors of gaining an advantage in life. Up till now you have been expert at owning your smallness, now it’s time to own your greatness. You know you have more to give. Allowing the time and attention for this to unfold is now a priority. You are a leader and now it's time to go that next level.  You are Remarkable and it’s time to own it.

Being in the company of like-minded women for a year is an advantage you have been looking for.

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