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Episode #7: Christmas Special

Remarkable Women Radio launched in November this year to talk to women who are owning their worth and being a catalyst in their own lives and the lives of others. 
While it has been a steep learning curve for me it's been great to expand my comfort zone and do what I love....talking to women in business and see what they do when they are inspired or challenged.

Episode #6: Angela Murray

In this episode of Remarkable Women Radio I talk to Angela Murray. Angela is putting play and creativity back into our lives through her creative life coaching. She's is as fun as she is vibrant and you will love hearing from this special lady. 

Episode #5: Johanna-May Manks

Johanna talks to Remarkable Women Radio. We all want to look good so wearing what suits us can only add to our personal confidence. Is it time to up level our look?

Episode #4: Cathy Mellett

It was so great having Cathy Mellett from talking with me on this episode of Remarkable Women Radio. Definitely want to have her in your corner when it comes to digital marketing and strategy. It was wonderful to see who is behind this brand and Cathy shared some great strategy with us how to be seen, be heard and be found online. #remarkablewomen

Episode #3: Wendy Bobsien

Joining me in this episode was the lovely Wendy Bobsien from Great interview! Thanks, Wendy. And so nice to hear how you take such great care of your clients. Also the power of small changes to get results this summer. 

Episode #2: Adrienne Gulliver

On this episode of Remarkable Women Radio, meet none other than Adrienne Gulliver, a certified Demartini Method Facilitator and Global Mind and Body Consultant. Catch her as she talks about the science and psychology behind emotions, actions and reactions, and ways to overcome everything that is holding you back. @adriennegulliver