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THe Art and Science of being YOU

"A Remarkable Story you haven't yet told" - Are you ready to unlock your potential?

Have you been allowing life's challenges to disempower you?   Let's un-tell the story keeping you stuck so it doesn't define or limit you anymore. Drop the labels you have about yourself and others and enhance the communication with those around you.

You know you are so good at owning your smallness  - now it's time to own your greatness. 

What can you expect? You will have more clarity as well as a bigger perspective for your life as you dissolve the often unconscious thought patterns that have been holding you back. You will gain the knowledge to overcome ANY challenge in your life at our one day workshop. This powerful and intensive day will change your perceptions and therefore have the ability to change the way you react in your life.This workshop is for you if you are ready for advanced transformation for your biggest challenge utilising the powerful Demartini Method©

We make THE ART & SCIENCE OF BEING YOU all about Relationships. Our past successes and failures in this department can influence our future so lets dissolve the things that are in the way of us having the relationships we want and deserve. 

Even if you have a relationship that you love there is always room for improvement and a way to enhance communication, but if there is a pattern to your relationships that you know has to change then you will also get a lot out of this day.  Are you constantly being rejected, cheated on or can’t seem to find your ideal someone? Do you become this person you don’t recognize that all of a sudden gets anxious and strangles the goodness out of the life of a relationship. Or is it simply that you are lonely and looking for love in all the wrong places. Today we are going to look at relationships and how to have the ones we want and deserve. We know our past influences our future.  It's time to empower our future by focusing in the right direction. 

Please note this is an advanced course to upscale any of your relationships. 

When TBC

Where: Auckland

Time: 9.00am - 6.30pm.


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Mind Spa - The Inner beauty Series

This is an introduction to Universal concepts that will transform your life and how to have the wisdom of ageing without the ageing process.

The Mind Spa was created to help us face our biggest fears and to elevate our thinking in a fun and transformative way. There is a way to overcome our biggest challenges but many of us are stuck in a holding pattern of overwhelm and chaos. Our mindset, our perceptions and our beliefs will age us far more than any outside influence. In order to stay young and vital we take our bodies to the spa but how many of us prioritise our minds. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have. Taking your mind to the spa will have a lasting effect on how you flow through life and how you transform any of life's hurdles. 

Extracting and exfoliating past events and stale thinking will give you a Remarkable Advantage in life. Dissolve the fears that are holding you back. Expand your thinking and your life.

When:  TBC

Where: TBC

Time: 10am - 3.30pm




D.i.v.i.n.e life planning

Start your year with a truly big perspective even a Universal awareness with with our D.I.V.I.N.E Life planning method. This one day event will help you to exponentially create the results you are wanting. Give yourself a day to clear the path to an exceptional year ahead.  

Any of our workshops can be run specifically for you and a minimum of 5 people. Let us know if you are looking for a unique and transformational mindset focused day.