In this episode of Remarkable Women Radio we talked with Cathy Mellett. Cathy has launched a charitable trust called imenough.co. As founder and CEO of digital marketing agency Netbranding.co.nz, Cathy is very well qualified to be bringing our attention to the pitfalls of social media as well as the benefits. 

We talk about the fact that 50% of the world's population is under the age of 30 - Social Media is not going away so how do we cope with the pitfalls. Cathy talks about what to say to your child. How can we start the dialogue to open up a connection. How do we build trust and be the person that our children can turn to when they are faced with anxiety and stress. 

I'm Enough is founded to create and share digital coping skills for young people supported by a community, based on values and thoughtful engagement with the digital space. What's the new conversation to be having around our young people and technology?