It’s been my pleasure to meet the very talented and inspiring Steff Green. Not only is she a best selling author, blogger, speaker and all round resident genius she is also about to publish a little book all about bullying. 

Steff is the author of several USA today best selling novels in the genre of paranormal, dark fantasy, romance and science fiction. She writes under the names of Stephanie Holmes and S.C. Green. She has quite a fan base so some of you may have already heard of her.

Hearing her say that she produces a book every 6-8 weeks was a little daunting - and no that isn’t a miss print.

Tune in to hear her talk about her strategies for getting stuff done. Having 30 books under your belt is an incredible feat even without the challenges of being legally blind. 

Since been told no by a publishing house she is now an expert on self publishing and shares why it’s better to put out more books than less in a series. 

With an imagination that could make us blush…yes we talked about some of the scenes that do make it into her books and how she writes them. The answers may surprise you but I had to ask the question (on your behalf of course!) 

What’s next is a book about bullying…due out on May 17. In Steff’s own words “Only freaks turn things into bones” will help kids remember to celebrate the fact that they are different and unique and that bullies don’t get to define who they are or what they want to be”.

Make sure you check out her website at https://steffgreen.com/

Thank you so much for joining me Steff!