Episode #25: Marion Sweeney

On Episode 25 we talk with the lovely Marion Sweeney as she tells us how to know you can afford a mortgage and how to pay it down as soon as possible.

Episode #24: Denise Melton

Today we hear what drives someone to make a career change and become a naturopath and medical herbalist. My guest Denise Melton from Vitalise is on a mission to shift people's perspective around their health and wellness.

Episode #23: Carolyn Banks

In this episode of Remarkable Women Radio I talk with Carolyn Banks, CEO of Venus Business Women’s Network. We talk about the New Zealand Business Women’s conference coming up in October.

Episode #22: Nicole Coyne

In this episode we talk to the lovely Nicole Coyne from Tikumu Consulting. Nicole is a business and executive coach who loves to work with the people inside an organization to inspire change.

Episode #21: Just me and Coldplay

In this episode is just me and Coldplay. Haha! They are providing the music in today's show. On Remarkable Women Radio I talk about what are the things that get in our way. What do we miss noticing on a day to day basis and if we paid more attention how that would help us.